The Forgotten New Hire Documents

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The Forgotten New Hire Documents

The Forgotten New Hire Documents

It takes a lot to run a small business. Doing everything alone until you can build a
profit to pay employees can be frustrating. It’s important that when you get to the point
of hiring new employees, that you don’t miss anything. It’s best to have an HR team and
an employment lawyer. This will keep you from making hiring errors. The biggest errors most small businesses make with hiring, is with the new hire documents. The three most common forgotten documents are contractual agreements, emergency contact forms, and the company application.

An independent contractor is NOT an employee, therefore there is different
paperwork required. The independent contractor is not covered by state and local laws,
files a 1099 instead of a W2, has a contract that has a start an end date and is paid a
total project amount in full when the job is completed or once a month. An independent
contractor MUST sign a contractual agreement. The contractual agreement must
include the start and end date of project, the expected duties to be performed and the
hourly, daily, or weekly amount to be paid when project is complete. An independent
contractor is also expected to deliver an invoice at the end of the project. Many times,
small businesses hire independent contractors but pay them as they would an
employee, every two weeks. This can get a small business in a lot of trouble with
employment laws.

Emergency contact forms are another forgotten new hire document. It’s important
that you know who to contact if an employee gets sick, there’s been a work incident or
even an employee passing and needing to know where the final check should go or
having someone to clean out the office. Once these emergency contact forms are
completed and turned back into a company, they must be kept in a locked file cabinet
or in an office that can be locked. These forms are confidential information and should
always be treated as such. They should only be accessed in an emergency.

Even if a person has already supplied a resume, an application for employment
still needs to be completed. The application has verifiable information and the signature
of the applicant stating that all this information provided is true. The application is
intended to protect an employer from an applicant making false claims and it also allows
you to act against an applicant making false claims. It’s very important that your
application includes all details required by state and federal laws.

Let’s recap. The Forgotten New Hire Documents are:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Emergency Contact Forms
  • Application for Employment

It is necessary that all these forms are completed and kept confidential when
necessary. Missing any of these documents or not protecting these documents can land
your business in a courtroom pleading your case as a defendant. It’s best that you hire

HR and an employment lawyer. Career Image Solutions works as an HR company
covering all the basics and preventing you from having to deal with the annoyance of
new hire documents. Career Image Solutions offer Legal Shield to protect you if you are
found in violation. We are here to help. We can be reached by email at Start hiring the right way, today!

About the Author: Hennither Bianca Gant is a Human Resources expert with almost a decade of
experience in recruitment, selection, compensation, and employment law experience in the non-profit,
private, Fortune 500 and government sectors. Hennither’s exposure to the “hiring and firing” world has
provided inside secrets on employing the right people and the sustainment of a business.

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