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Living In My Purpose

Living in My Purpose

Finding my purpose was hard and took a lot of intentional experiences mixed with grace. Now that I am clear on what my purpose is, I decided to live in it, and the work is even harder, to be honest. 

Living in purpose, for me, is the difference between being pregnant versus taking care of a baby at home. While I was still excited to have given birth, the work surrounding the baby was painful and stressful, yet worth it.  Likewise, once you know your purpose and you live in it, you won’t always feel good. At times, life will cause you to do things that you are not comfortable doing to ensure that your purpose is fulfilled. What’s my definition for purpose? Simply, God’s will for my life.

Here are some tips from my journal entries that should encourage you on your journey while living in your purpose:

  • Feed your purpose often.  Just like a newborn baby, you must feed your purpose often, if not daily. How do you feed your purpose? You feed your purpose by filling your world with things that inspire you to keep going.  What are you watching on television? Who do you follow on social media? What trainings are you attending? 
  • Stop and repeat.  When your baby starts to grow, that is not the time for you to stop feeding them. However, you must keep feeding the baby daily.  Likewise, when you live in your purpose that is not the time to press the brakes on life. In fact, this is the time to work even harder. 
  • Hang around purpose drivers.  When I had my first child, it was important for me to hang around other parents with small children so that my son could practice his skills and interact with kids his age.  It is the same when you are living in your purpose.  You must be intentional about surrounding yourself with purpose drivers – people in your life that are driven by purpose and willing to sharpen your iron. Your purpose drivers will be easy to identify because your creativity is ignited when you speak to them, they know what their goals are for the year, they are doing what exactly what they said they would do, they speak and show up on purpose, and they are laser focused on their purpose.  

I find that it is easier to find your purpose than keeping it going. With the many distractions coming your way, it is critical to reassess what worked up until this point and what purpose-driven tasks you can take to ensure that your purpose is fulfilled.  Try to do this at least once a quarter, if not monthly.  


About the Author: Hennither Bianca Gant is a Human Resources expert with almost a decade of experience in recruitment, selection, compensation, and employment law experience in the non-profit, private, Fortune 500 and government sectors. Hennither’s exposure to the “hiring and firing” world has provided inside secrets on employing the right people and the sustainment of a business.


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