Two Quick Ways to Recruit Your Next Intern!

//Two Quick Ways to Recruit Your Next Intern!

Two Quick Ways to Recruit Your Next Intern!

Are you considering recruiting an intern, but don’t know how? This is the blog for you. It may sound difficult, but rest assured, it’s just as easy, if not easier than recruiting an employee.

Here are two quick ways to recruit an intern:

  1. Partner directly with a local college or university. Some colleges require internship programs, so you can contact their career development office to find out how and where to post your internship position. This will provide you with a pool of candidates that are majoring in the field you work with.
  2. Post online. Believe it or not, there are thousands of job seekers looking for internships online. Try posting to ZipRecruiter, or any other job posting site. Career Image Solutions found our intern using Mighty Recruiter.

Yes, it’s that simple. However, there are some important factors that should be considered before hiring your intern. Will they be paid or unpaid? Are they enrolled in school? Will they be trained? Consult with your HR partner before you get started.

About the Author: Hennither Gant is a warm, engaging speaker who intertwines HR expertise with entertaining stories and insightful observations. Hennither’s expertise stems from her role as owner and chief human resources officer of the Baltimore-based firm Career Image Solutions.  Hennither is particularly passionate about issues of hiring, career development, diversity, gender, cultural sensitivity, and performance management.  When issues arise with her clients’ employees, she implements innovative and creative solutions.

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