Ways to Reward your Employees on a Budget

//Ways to Reward your Employees on a Budget

Ways to Reward your Employees on a Budget

Many small business owners believe in order to appreciate their employees for a job well done, it requires large sums of money. However, as you read on, you will learn that showing appreciation doesn’t have to cost much money or any at all. Positive reinforcement sets an example for everyone in the company and motivates them too. Below are ways to acknowledge your staff without putting a strain on your budget.

  1. Certification of Accomplishment/Recognition – This is a common way to show your employee that you have been watching their work and acknowledge their efforts. Present this certification to them during a company meeting and look forward to seeing their smile.
  2. Thank you Card – You can never go wrong with express appreciation through words. Blank cards can be purchased as low as 50 cents. Take your time to write a thoughtful message.
  3. Employee of the Month – While your company is small, you can acknowledge employees of the quarter or Employee of the Year.
  4. Small gifts – Small gifts do not have to be expensive. Anything from movie tickets to a gift card to a restaurant would be just fine. The employee gets a night to enjoy and the employer didn’t have to break their pockets doing so.
  5. Food – Who doesn’t love free food? Surprise your employee with food of their choice. Some common options are freshly sliced fruits, variety of donuts, pizza or a nice hot breakfast.
  6. Wall of Fame – Create a wall of fame and post the name of the employee with the year they were recognized for their accomplishment. If your business is virtual or you are still in the process of getting a location, the next option is for you.
  7. Website Recognition – For about a week or so, make your employee the face of the home page on your website with a short bio of them. Make sure to get the consent of the employee.
  8. Company Wide email Congratulatory – Some companies may not have an office ,but one thing is for sure, the company has the email contact of all it’s employees. Send a Company wide email Congratulatory message. This option also gives the opportunity for other employees to express their best wishes.
  9. Congratulations w/ a Comp Day – You can offer the employee to take a paid day off. Fridays are known to be casual days in the workplace. Give the employee a chance to just relax with an early weekend without having to think about work. If the company can’t afford it, try a half a day.
  10. One on One-time w/ the Boss – Bosses are often highly valued in companies. Even though the business may be small, some employees have never had the chance to have one on one time with their bosses over a nice lunch or dinner.


About the Author: Hennither Bianca Gant is a Human Resources expert with over a decade of experience in recruitment, DEI, leadership coaching, selection, compensation, and employment law experience in the non-profit, private, Fortune 500 and government sectors. Hennither’s exposure to the “hiring and firing” world has provided inside secrets on employing the right people and the sustainment of a business.

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