Why Your Small Business Needs HR

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Why Your Small Business Needs HR

One common misconception about HR is that if you don’t have many employees, you don’t need HR. This is FALSE information. Even if you only have one employee, you need HR. The only time there is an exception to this rule is when you are in HR yourself. If you’re an HR company, then you are familiar with all things HR and should know the right way to hire. If you are not in the HR industry, then you absolutely need HR and here’s why:

  1. HR Employment Compliance – With employment laws and best practices changing so rapidly, your business must have access to HR in times when you will need your labor law posters updated, employment manuals, new policies, sexual harassment training, and other training and development for staff and new supervisors.
  2. Employee Grievances – As a business owner, you already have too much to worry about. Your HR can assist you with terminating an employee, handling extended leaves of absence, written warnings, and unemployment while helping you to avoid any and all legal pitfalls.
  3. Onboarding – Your onboarding process will continue to evolve, but your HR can help you manage the process while keeping your company compliant by making sure the new hire paperwork is complete, answering any benefit related questions, and providing that special touch during the onboarding process.

Instead of looking at HR as an extra expense, look at it as an extra team that has YOUR back. HR is looking out for you and ensuring you remain in compliance with state and federal laws.

Career Image Solutions can help with all your HR questions and needs. Email us at services@career-image.com for any assistance.

About the Author: Hennither Gant is a warm, engaging speaker who intertwines HR expertise with entertaining stories and insightful observations. Hennither’s expertise stems from her role as owner and chief human resources officer of the Baltimore-based firm Career Image Solutions.  Hennither is particularly passionate about issues of hiring, career development, diversity, gender, cultural sensitivity, and performance management.  When issues arise with her clients’ employees, she implements innovative and creative solutions.


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