Five Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile POP!

//Five Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile POP!

Five Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile POP!

Many people are unaware that 70% of the jobs posted on LinkedIn are only on LinkedIn. This means that when you are applying to a job on LinkedIn, your profile is seen before your resume. Your profile needs to “POP” to make the recruiter interested. You want to draw the recruiter in and have them consider you for the job right on the spot!

Here are five ways to enhance your profile:

  • Change your headline – Use keywords in your headline. Get as specific as possible.
  • Upload a professional picture – Please do not upload a picture of you at a party or a family picture. Your LinkedIn profile picture should be just you and it should look like a professional headshot.
  • Search engine optimization – In the various sections of your profile, add keywords pertaining to your field and the job you want. You can google some open positions and take the keywords they use and add those same words to your profile.
  • Add to your skills section – Whatever your skills are, list them! If you can get some recommendations on your skills, that would be a plus!
  • Join groups – Find a few groups in your industry and become active in those groups. For instance, if you are in the Childcare field, join some childcare groups, post and interact. This will get you noticed. It will also build your network.


You should make these changes as soon as possible. Positions don’t stay open long and they open frequently, so you want to be prepared when they do. These tips are sure to make your profile POP!

Career Image Solutions also offers LinkedIn Optimization if you find yourself lost in what to do.

About the Author: Hennither Bianca Gant is a Human Resources expert with over a decade of experience in recruitment, DEI, leadership coaching,  compensation, and employment law experience in the non-profit, private, Fortune 500 and government sectors. Hennither’s exposure to the “hiring and firing” world has provided inside secrets on employing the right people and the sustainment of a business.

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