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HR Business Solutions

  • AskHR Business Consultation
  • Employee Manuals
  • Recruitment
  • HR Business Consulting/Strategy
  • Onboarding
  • Exiting
  • Outplacement
  • Operations Manuals
  • Policy Development
  • HR Audits
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Payroll*
  • Employee Professional Development
  • Supervisory/Leadership Coaching
  • Employee/Supervisor Mediation
  • Employee Relations
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Legal Plans for Businesses & Employees*
  • Identity Theft Employee Benefits*

Get HR advice for your company no matter what the concern. With a combined 40+ years of experience, we are sure that we can help. Unlimited HR consultation is typically included in our HR outsourcing plans.

Don’t have HR or just need HR support? Your company may benefit from one of our HR outsourcing plans.   Your options can be as specific as outsourcing one particular aspect of one HR function—such as applicant tracking for affirmative action purposes—or as broad as outsourcing the entire human resource department. Our most common plans are outlined below:

YOUR HR INNOVATOR ( 1 to 9 staff)

Built for the companies with few employees and with limited needs. We’ll work behind the scenes on your behalf to cover all your HR basics and provide you with HR guidance, every step of the way!

  • Provide unlimited HR consultation to company leader(s)
  • Provide monthly HR Project Updates
  • Provide monthly HR strategy
  • Update employee manual annually
  • Consult company on all employee grievances/relations matters
  • Coordinate new hire onboarding & off-boarding
  • Manage employee management system
  • Workers’ compensation administration
  • Unemployment administration
  • Labor law posting by state
  • Develop one HR document and or process/mth
  • Conduct annual HR Audit
  • Update job postings & source applicant database for 1 role

YOUR HR INTEGRATOR (10- 20 staff)

Built for the growing companies. We’re not just available for the company, but we serve as HR support and engage directly with your staff too.

  • Provide unlimited HR consultation to company leader(s)
  • Provide HR Project Updates 2x/mth
  • Provide monthly HR strategy
  • Update employee manual bi-annually
  • Resolve employee relations/grievances on company’s behalf
  • Conduct all new hire onboarding/orientations
  • Develop up to 3 HR documents and/or processes/mth
  • Conduct all off-boarding processes
  • Conduct bi-annual HR Audits & implement action plan
  • Handle recruitment functions to include: updating job postings, sourcing up to 2 roles/mth in applicant database, conduct pre-employment screenings, & handle all applicant inquiries.
  • Coordinate physical & online labor and law posters by location
  • Dedicated HR support for staff
  • Coordinate w/ state agencies and 3rd party employment vendors
  • Coordinate all annual benefits enrollment
  • Manage performance review process
  • Administer workers’ compensation and unemployment claims
  • Analyze and develop salary benchmarking and job descriptions
  • Administer FMLA, COBRA and other legally required leave
  • Conduct 2 annual HR trainings/meetings

Whether you have one or many employees, an employee handbook is essential and must be updated with state, county and federal laws often. Our HR Consultants are experienced in keeping you in compliance while also ensuring that your culture is reflected on paper.

Our recruiters don’t work from the outside of your organization but we serve as your partners to ensure that you have the tools you need before you hire so you can be confident in who you hire. We can customize our recruitment offerings to your company to either do it for you or with you.

To do if for you, we will save you countless hours, money and headaches by utilizing traditional and out of the box recruitment strategies to present you our top picks for you to interview and make your final selection.

To recruit with you, your company gets specialized attention from an experienced Recruiter with employment engagement and compliance expertise to partner with you and/or your Talent Acquisition team to manage your existing applicant pool.

You may already have some HR strategies in place or don’t know where to start. Either way, our HR team is here to brainstorm with you to advise and develop HR and operational strategies for your company.

When you hire, one of the most critical steps is onboarding. Our HR team will either coordinate or handle all of your onboarding for your company! We ensure that your company culture is captured, while you remain in compliance.

When an employee exits your company there are things that should only be done by HR!  Don’t get caught in an awkward HR jam because you did not handle an employee exit the “best way”.  Our team will coordinate this process for you or do it for you.

There are times when an employee exits your company and you want to ensure that they are supported in their next career move.  Our HR team supports by equipping exiting staff with updated resumes, revamped online brands, interviewing skills, etc. to ensure that they are positioned to be hired once they leave.

There are processes in your company that need to be communicated effectively, especially as your company grows. Our HR team will partner with you to develop operational processes to help optimize your employees’ experience.

As laws and company culture evolves, there are times when a new policy needs to be developed.  Our HR team will create and/or revise any HR policy for your company.

We pride ourselves on compliance and you will see that through our HR audits. On average, our HR team saves companies an average of $40,000 as we audit  employee records, policies, compensation practices, new hire docs, and more.

Our team will consult, train and strategize with your company on all aspects of diversity, inclusion and equity.  Our backgrounds in Equal Employment Opportunity, employee engagement and employment law will serve as key influencers to ensure that all stakeholders benefit.

Whether it’s helping to negotiate vendor contracts or administering open enrollment, our HR team will advise or handle all aspects of employee benefits administration for your company to ensure it is seamless for your staff.

We have partnered with seasoned payroll professionals to ensure that your payroll can be handled seamlessly without having to manage interactions with another vendor.

We have an entire team dedicated to enhancing the employee experience at your company. One of the ways in which we do this is through employee professional development. We co-create programs that will educate and/or train your staff on soft-skills needed to be effective in their roles.

We recognize that supervisors carry the brunt of responsibility and liability for an organization. Our HR team supports your company’s leaders by ensuring that they can distinguish between management and leadership and are also equipped with the HR basics to remain in compliance while supporting employees with best practices.

If you’ve ever had an employee conflict at work, you know that it can disrupt employee morale and productivity.  Our HR team are trained at successful coaching and mediation to be able to help negotiate and/or resolve workplace disputes.

From a workman’s compensation claim, sexual harassment accusation,  to a a employee repeatedly showing up late to work, our HR team will not only advise you but can handle all processes necessary to handle the employee relations matter.

There are federal and state laws that affect how you pay your staff.  Our HR team can conduct a comprehensive compensation audit to review hourly rates, overtime, contractor vs. employee classification, gender equity, etc.

  • Legal Plans for Businesses & Employees*
  • Identity Theft Employee Benefits*
  • Want to grow and protect company profits but don’t know how?

  • Need an HR go-to resource known for their expertise and common sense problem-solving?

  • Do you have a vision but need the big picture strategy to carry it out?



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