Job Vacancy VS Job Description

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Job Vacancy VS Job Description

Job Posting Vs Job Description


Hiring managers and human resources specialists find job descriptions and job posting to be similar and do not recognize the difference. They often struggle with determining whether they need both or just one, if they’re interchangeable and/or why each are so essential to the hiring and recruitment process.

The number one thing to remember is a job description tells, while a job posting, sells. Let’s take a closer look at each of them!

Job Description – A written statement of what the jobholder does, how it’s to be done, the purpose of the work and how it relates to the company’s missions. Though there’s no standard format, it is important to indicate if necessary that other duties will be assigned beyond the description assigned. The job description details duties responsibilities and necessary qualifications

Job Posting –   The goal of the job posting is to have a direct impact on how many applicants you receive for the open position based on its quality. It includes a minor detail of the company’s mission, pushes the location, and most importantly, explains to position employees why they should apply for the job. Overall, this statement should give applicants an idea of what it would be like to work for the company.

So, in short, a job description sets expectations of the employee’s performance while a job posting is an advertisement to get a pool of great talents that are best for the job.

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