Why Aren’t Jobs Calling Me Back

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Why Aren’t Jobs Calling Me Back

While this does not happen to everyone, most career professionals experience the awkward wait after applying for a position and after a month goes by, wondering why they never called you back!  How rude, right?!


Well, I’m going to share some nuggets regarding why some recruiters and/or hiring managers are not calling you back:



  • TIME: They are completely swamped with resumes that they are literally unable to respond to each and every applicant inquiry.  According to 2017 Glassdoor statistics, the average job posting yields an average of 250 resumes and 2% of applicants will be called for the interview.  In addition, it typically takes our clients approximately 30 days for the entire interview process. The fact is just that the sourcing process takes time and you might be caught up in the numbers.
  • KEYWORDS:  Most hiring managers and/or recruiters are trained to screen a resume in 10 seconds or less. Within that time, they are looking for keywords and if your resume does not have those words, well… you know the rest.
  • BRANDING:  Believe it or not, your personal brand can outweigh a great looking resume.  Your brand is what people say about you, you’re social media and online presence, email, associations and so much more.  More hiring professionals are looking to social media accounts and entering a google search before even calling applicants for an interview. Not fair, but this is a huge reality.

Here are some tips that you can follow to either prevent or handle jobs not calling you back:

  • Don’t use the same resume for each job application; tailor your resume to the job posting
  • Ensure that your career brand (resume, social media, email address, etc) speaks to the job that you are applying to, not just what you’ve done in the past.
  • Contact the employer to ask where they are in process; you might get some good feedback
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